Ecommerce using WooCommerce

We Provide a Rock Solid and Extendable E-commerce Attributes via Woocommerce that’s Splendid.

WooCommerce is defined as an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce offers a myriad of designs, plugins, resources and themes that are tantalizing – they come equipped with smart, innovative and useful features. It can be boggling to those greenhorns in Ecommerce using Woo and this is where our role step in as a one stop solution center. WooCommerce is a greenhorn itself – it is relatively new to the world of E-commerce, but more and more people are using WooCommerce because of its incredible user friendly nature. WooCommerce has managed to conquer the hearts of open-source code developers. As of today, WooCommerce has become the synonym for Ecommerce – they’re like inseparable cojoined twins.

Employing smart widgets, reports, inbuilt WooCommerce codes and a host of other services, we at Magus provide highly tenable Ecommerce solutions for your utmost convenience and profit churning.

At Magus, we provide a wide range features of WooCommerce on WordPress toolkit for your Ecommerce business’ rousing success. Your happiness is our hallmark.

WooCommerce Theme Development with us will prove to be an outstanding experience. At Magus, we’re always poised to help make your business become lucrative via the employment of WooCommerce – we are here to extend succor for you to get maximum returns from your Ecommerce website or your online store. Our WooCommerce theme development promises top notch qualities which are sought after by Ecommerce businesses. Our WooCommerce theme development is a league on its own, displaying high levels of flexibility, security, speed, strength and accuracy. Our commitment to custom development and the follow up is tantamount to our sincerity in dealing with each client’s individualistic want. Our professional touch will propel your business to the peaks of success.

At Magus, we do affordable WooCommerce development and store design services. Best value for your money is our guarantee. Using Woo integrations, we develop modules that best befit your business, paying attention to your detailed requirements. Your ERP system and payment gateways will be smoothly integrated by us and we’ll take your existing WooCommerce scalability and performance several notches up. Other skills up the Magus magic team’s sleeve are the upgrading of extant WooCommerce versions and upping the security, migrating your online presence to a perfectly customized Woo platform and last but not least, round the clock support extended for your Woo plugin development. Think we’re through? No, we also provide 24/7 assistance which is connected with integrated frameworks, themes and components.

Magus’ biggest asset is our developers. Our WooCommerce developers are a skilled bunch. They employ their expertise in facilitating access to a more well built and updated Ecommerce framework for your business to thrive and pay off handsomely.

WooCommerce’s features which we develop are top notch and instant gratification is our covenant. What we do adds much coveted value to your Ecommerce business

  • Mijireh Checkout and PayPal Standard Gateways to make easy payment modes and applications
  • All electronic money transaction like BACS, offline gateways, cheque payment etc are covered.
  • Smart E-commerce tracking through Google Analytics integration
  • Variety of extensions and plugins to lend a wow factor to your website
  • Widgets to accelerate sales and cross sales in your website