Web Development

Awesome, Interactive and User Friendly Optimized Web Development That Suits Your Needs

At Magus, we develop website templates that are useful for your various customized needs. For example, we develop websites for career pager or for posting online job boards. But, they are just 2 examples; we do much, much more for you. Our repertoire in web development includes coding, creative design and appropriate layout of any website you want us to develop. Building websites from scratch, we’ll conceptualize and fashion your website requirements from the bottom up, taking care of everything from the home page to site layout and function.

Magus team of web developers are a dedicated bunch who insist on top quality web development which renders top functionality. Magus’ web developers are cognizants in standard HTML/CSS practices with vast experience in web programming and they create site layout/user interface adhering closely to those standards for your utmost gratification. We don’t compromise on writing well designed, effective and testable code – we do it by using the best software development practices. Besides integrating data from a variety of databases and back end services, we also create apt software documentation on your request and maintain it for good measure. We know how vital visuals are in a website so to match your visual design wants, we cooperate with web designers to sync the process of thorough web development. Keeping your technical needs in mind, we at Magus glean then refine web requirements and specifications while constantly upgrading ourselves to stay abreast with ever evolving technology and industry trends then actively apply them into our operations.

We are the bona fide and the ultimate in web development. Our expertise and work ethics are not only encompassing but also canonical.

  • Possess strong comprehension on web application works inclusive of session management, best development practices and security
  • Familiar with a wide range of programming languages like Javascript, PHP, PHP Frameworks, Ajax, HTML, JQuery.
  • High knowledge on SEO
  • Equipped with high end programming abilities
  • Sentience of the latest version of HTML/CSS
  • Across the board knowledge of relational database systems & web application development
  • High familiarity with network analytical tools and network diagnostics

Along with our professional expertise in web development, we have a strong sense of organization and multitasking ability that enable us to deal with several tasks at one time without losing sight on any of the tasks. That kind of skills also make it possible for us at Magus to deliver the tasks ordered on within the due date dot. Our problem diagnosis skill are aggressive while our problem solving skills are creative. We are quick on the uptake and we promptly master web tech and techniques which are diverse and ever emerging.