Unlimited Monthly Jobs from $129

We Offer Unlimited Jobs i.e. Unlimited Monthly Jobs to Resolve your WordPress Solution Issues Starting From $129

  • Plugin installs involving adding/removing a new plugin as “Unlimited Jobs” small 30-minute job for one site is done at Magus at a very reasonable rate.
  • Updating themes where we manually keep your themes up to date making sure that the design changes you have made do not get affected.
  • SEO optimization on a page is our promise where we ascertain that your site is setup to handle proper and maximum SEO Optimization.
  • We do WordPress Add Action where we keep your site up to minute and keep you wholly posted on the updates.
  • “Unlimited Jobs” also includes saying,  if you have a new page and need to keep it thoroughly updated for you, we can commit ourselves to that and ensure that you page never gets backdated.
  • We keep your blog spots active and up-to-date by publishing your blog posts for you and formatting them as well.

If you need your gallery to be kept updated, we’ll do it for you – updating the images at your needs.

If you need WordPress Squeeze Pages, we will install and configure them to suit your fancy.

We also do the following for your peace of mind when maintaining a WordPress site as a part of “Unlimited Jobs”:

  • Secure offsite backup
  • Secure cloud backup
  • Security guarantee
  • Monthly security scan
  • 24/7 Active Security Monitoring
  • Premium Security Protection
  • Jobs checked by QA team

To avail  “Unlimited Jobs” $ 129 fee is paid upfront an a quarterly basis.