Shopify Development

Alluring Digital Retail on Shopify Ecommerce Platform to Churn Up Profit. We provide reliable Shopify development services you can depend upon.

Currently, Shopify is the most eminent Saas based Ecommerce platform. Shopify is highly coveted due to its versatility. Success stories of successful online stores that use Shopify are abound. Shopify is the choice for most who wish to start online retail stores because of the easiness of operation and almost ironical powerful features. It’s like a dream come true – Shopify.

On why online business startups prefer Shopify and why you should choose Shopify to launch your online business venture is because Shopify is visually appealing. It grabs attention. First impression wins. In an online store, success heavily relies on how your store looks. This is especially true when you are initiating a startup, when your brand is penetrating the market, on the way to brand establishment.

Shopify comes with various themes on its own that readily can be used to save time. Along with that, it has a lot of applications that will get you a feature that the by default Shopify doesn’t offer. But, if you want to take your digital retail to an upper level, Shopify personalized theme development is the way to go. What Magus does is provide premium designs and development services on the Shopify platform. Our expertise provides across the board support- starting from conceptualizing the project to delivering the project. We ascertain that your online store complies to the web standards and is SEO maximized and friendly.

Shopify Theme Design

At Magus, as part of our Shopify development services, we develop themes from scratch, following the set Shopify theme standards. When developing Shopify themes, we keep in mind top performace and conversion in mind and work genuinely to give you the best. The themes we develop are compatible and work on all browsers and mobile devices to give you maximum customer reach and access.

Shopify Theme Customization

If you have a beforehand purchased theme and you feel that it could use some tweaks to up it a couple of notches, we’ll do it for you – personalize it just the way you want it while keeping the same standard of the original theme. Before delivering the customised Shopify theme, an extensive test will be performed. This is to ensure all the related functionalities are well oiled.

Shopify API Development

Our cognizance in Shopify development is here to your service. As the testimonial, we have, to our credit, recognition to have developed several Shopify API apps. In order to keep API app fast and scalable, we toe best practises and also perform much needed proper security tests afterwards.

Shopify SEO

Shopify is already fitted with rich and helpful SEO features. Yet, there are some loopholes that can be filled in and this is where we provide all the support to leverage what is readily provided by Shopify. An ongoing and uninterrupted SEO strategy will be setup by us for you. As a result, your investments will give you maximum returns. That’s Magus’ vouch.

Data Migration to Shopify

Data migration to Shopify is somenting Magus is expert in – providing sufficient support to migrate any amount of data you have into Shopify. Transforming raw data in raw format to Shopify format, we will meet your support want. No problem at all if you come from another Ecommerce platform – we will nicely migrate all the data from the different platform into Shopify.

Migration to Shopify From Other Platforms

If you have design, data and other stuff on other platforms you want migrated to Shopify, we’ll do it for you in hassle free code of conduct for you. Recently, we migrated a number of stores from prostores and magentogo to Shopify. And, we intend to do more to help you achieve the ultimate in online business.