Site Review – SEO & Optimization

Thorough and Encapsulating Site Review to Pump Up SEO Optimization and Rev Up User Experience

Website review or site review is an analysis done on your site to check on the usability and interactive issues on your website. The next step is to upgrade your website so that SEO is optimized and user friendliness is maximized. In all, website review and the ensuing SEO Optimization are an overall revamp of your website to maximize user experience and mutual instant gratification.

Website review and SEO Optimization help direct traffic into your website, increasing the chances of your site to be found by the right customers and retain them as a pulling force. The magnetized effect is what we at Magus deliver for you. Customers will be in awe with your website and be piqued to explore it. As a result, your sales will accelerate and profit will cumulate. When you choose Magus to review your website, you will get nothing but the best of the best. Not only we review your website, we give you practical tips to make your website more awesomely interactive and attractive.

Magus promises total in depth analysis of your website. We’ll check on more than 300 essential SEO and usability properties. Our trained SEO consultants make the difference – devoted and effective, they will spend hours on end checking and evaluating your site for repairs and improve the following expertly for you:

  • Site speed
  • Site structure
  • Content
  • Social media strategy
  • HTML and XML sitemaps
  • Your use of structured data (f.i.
  • And whatever needs to be brushed up to make your site superbly engaging

Typically, we finish reviewing within 2 to 3 days and the outcome will be sent as soon as the review is complete. As an extra at post review, we provide 6 weeks of constant support. In this duration, you may rain us with any questions you have about the review and we will be most happy to oblige! Our website review service covers for every type of website. We are your budget friendly for good measure.

The result of our encompassing review is a transparent overview of every single thing you are doing wrong and right. When you’re doing it wrong, we’ll help make it right. When you’re doing it right, we’ll help you make it dandy. You will also receive easy to latch on explanations and practical tips to promptly ameliorate your site.