Plugin Development

Our Potent Plugin Development will Fortify Your Website’s Efficiency and Functionality

At Magus, we make exceptional WordPress plugin development which extensively grow the functionality of your website the way you desire. WordPress plugins make the difference in transforming your website into having a powerful presence. We at Magus help incorporate absolutely essential features and functionalities to your website. Trust our expertise in WordPress plugin development to deliver the goods and more. Our plugin development service is especially a helping hand when you are out on a limb when seeking to add any kind of custom feature to your site which you found not catering to your personal needs.. We are here to navigate you away from the cul de sac to an open road with unlimited go time by developing the ideal WordPress plugin development for you, made to fit your personalised bill.

As we are the experts in WordPress plugin development, we have all the required skills to develop intricate WordPress plugin for you, the way you want it.

What sets us apart from others in the field of WordPress plugin customization is that we have a team of dedicated and dynamic developers. Staying true to our bona fide work and professional ethics as well as being globally marketable, we constantly update ourselves with ever evolving technology and giving you, our prized clients, the best of the current, state of art WordPress plugin development while preserving your said personal attributes. In order to stay sharp and precise, we allocate ample time honing the necessary skills to deliver outstanding WordPress plugin development solutions. Our team of developers work not only to finish the assigned tasks promptly and effectively, they also are solicitous to your specific needs and expectation.

100% Scalable Plug-ins

  • Exceptionally competent in developing scalable, secure and intuitive plugins
  • Usage of robust PHP scripting language
  • Developing highly feasible custom plugins
  • Plugins development with codes precision delivering a package of impressive features

Ensure Security

  • High emphasize on security and data sanitization
  • Consistent and crystal clear standards of coding
  • Prudent performance on debugging
  • Double checking so that security flaws and technical errors are resolved

Boost Online Traffic

  • Meet the latest website needs and up to date WordPress plugin development which tugs traffic
  • Maximum traffic flow due to supreme plugin development

100% Customized Extensions

  • Highly communicative to comprehend the needs of each client
  • Complete understanding that each WordPress website is unique
  • Cater for the diverse needs for extension
  • Custom plugins developed to be user-friendly and highly secure
  • Deliver 100% awesome, responsive and interactive plugins at best prices

Seamless Support

  • 24/7 technical support for every WordPress plugin customized development we create
  • Help clients with plug-in installation, integration, development, enhancement and upgrades
  • Provide complete follow-up for our highly esteemed clients