One off job from $10 (USD 10)

Frustrating WordPress Issues Smoothened Out For You starting from $10

WordPress can prove to be a handful – its complex system can boggle the mind especially new users and front end users. The thing is, WordPress is comprised of many different components which are interconnected and interdependent. This complex system of WordPress needs to be well oiled for maximum performance and effect. Often, a user isn’t able to successfully step in to deal with everything WordPress accounts for. Here is help just with $10. i.e. “One off job from Dollar 10”. An expert intervention is required and Magus is the expert you’re looking for. Trust us to resolve the tiniest tweaks or engage in a major revamp in WordPress attributes which are your woes. We are not one to milk the most of our clients. Instead, we milk our most for our clients – our bona fide policy is applied at every level. If the fix is a minor one we won’t blow it out of proportion and scare then charge our clients. We want to be very clear on that as professional work ethics is paramount for Magus. In that light, any trouble you face with WordPress no matter the scale, reach out to us and let us settle the glitches for you at an affordable price.

We deal with WordPress crashes which occur when a new plugin/a new theme/upgrade is embarked on

We fix your any WordPress issues – when it acts up and doesn’t pick up

Full analysis on why your WordPress isn’t behaving like it should

Disclosing what issues that your WordPress is facing before taking up the job

Completing the task on priority basis

Doing a dandy job for as less as $10

For a fully functional website that you need maintaining, we are more than delighted to do the task at a flat fee.