If you want to advertise your product/service on brochures and you need a setting apart brochure design, you’ve come to the right place. When designing brochures, we focus on text and image complementation so that the information on the brochure is balanced, clear and directly understandable. We also suggest on what will make your brochures more catchy immaterial of your purpose.

2.Corporate Identity

A good marketing strategy is establishing corporate identity. Your company’s corporate identity can be said as the life of your company, the core of its existence. In a competitive market, corporate identity makes your corporation stand out as an indie entity with specific attributes like company name, philosophy, history, staff, technology, work ethics, work culture and strategies which your customers are familiar with and look out for.

Forging a corporate identity is important as it makes a difference in your customers knowing what product you produce, what service you render and especially what makes you different from others in the same business market. At Magus we understand that corporate identity is a collection of visuals which normally consist of logos, housestyle, organizational nomenclature. Knowing that corporate strategy and visual identity are inextricably connected, we employ the aforementioned visuals to embed your distinct corporate identity.

  1. Book Covers

You wrote a book and now you need a relevant book cover that speaks of the theme of your book. We will design a persuasive and your book theme encapsulating book cover that will make people intrigued and pick up your book off the bookshelf and go on to buy it. Be it the design or font, we at Magus will make your book cover suit your book genre. We design both hardcover and paperback book covers but if you want alternatives and additions like ring binding or dust jackets, we will be happy to do them for you too.


  1. Magazine Design

Magus Magazine design team will take full responsibility for the look of a magazine you want to publish. What you get is streamlined and and well aligned ads and other magazine design you want sculpted. We also create polished magazine covers and inside pages, whichever you need, using high resolution graphics and other artwork forms such as photos and animation, crisp colour schemes as well as clear and attractive fonts. We understand your magazine’s target group, demograpy and we scrutinize competition and analyze trends when doing magazine designs for you. And, we are canonically inventive and innovative in design.


  1. Promotional Material
    We produce promotional materials to befit and extend your advertising policies and programs, on any platform of your choice. Among the promotional materials we produce on your demand are posters, coupons or anything that you wish that will promote your product/service. The promotional materials that we produce are designed to spawn interest on behalf of your customers to purchase the product/service your organization sells. We will help your business go the extra mile via our supreme quality promotional materials.


  1. Banner Ads

Banner ads have become an increasingly popular form of website advertising. As you might already know, banner ads rely on images rather than text and you can trust Magus to design visually alluring banner ads for you that will promote your brand in a wholesome way. We guarantee that the banner ads we design will tempt visitors who come to a host website navigate to the advertiser’s website. The banner ads we design have that compelling visual touch.