Brand Building

Building Your Business Worth through Brand Building and Creating your Product/Service Brand Awareness


If you want to make the cut in your business, brand is crucial. A brand is a reputation. A brand is the soul of your product or service. The brand of your retail is the recognition of your business, in this case, digital retail.


If you are bamboozled on how to build your brand, we at Magus are at your service. Taking into consideration of your business inroads and personal attributes, we will build your brand that will echo the voice and result in customer awareness of your business brand. Magus is the interactive and participatory pedestal for you to enhance your business’ brand equity and awareness. We are aware that building a brand requires inordinate effort, a great deal of time and resources need to be spent on it. Help is here, so get rid of your diquietude. We will help you create a successful brand which will manifest as your business trademark.

Corporate Presentations

Create Attention Grabbing and Attractive Corporate Presentations of Various Forms for Your Corporate Climb

Need to deliver a presentation to an audience and clueless on how to go about it? Fret not, Magus will help you put together visually appealing PowerPoint slides that will grab then retain attention. Your audience maybe general or senior management or of higher echelons but you need not feel intimidated because our presentation creation fulfills all types of requirements. We create credible corporate presentations employing supreme quality visual communication. You can be assured that the end result you receive from us will make you receive applaud from the audience however high their ranks are!

Logo Design

Logo Design that is Original, Unique and Encapsulating of Your Business Crafted in a Nifty Way

Never underestimate the power of logo for your business. Yet, do not confuse logo with your product/service’s brand and identity. All three sound similar but they’re not the same. They all play different roles for your business but collectively, they form a palpable image for your product/service. And, a suitable logo is critical to launch your business on the right track.

Our logo designing team know exactly what logo accounts for, that is, a business identification in a simple form of object, mark or icon. When you hire us, we not only design a logo for your business the way you want it, we suggest what will make customers tick and can quickly relate to your business’ logo so that your business picks up momentum.

Flyer’s and Posters

Carefully Thought Out and Efficient Print Advertising Design That Demands Attention

Nowadays, almost everything is done online, the world is incrasingly abandoning print advertising. But, it still is a key communication channel in parts of the world where the Internet is yet to spread its web threads.

On that count, if your customers aren’t internet savvy or prefer not to employ the Internet to gain information, print advertising via flyers and posters is the answer. Magus knows how to create flyers and posters that convey your sales pitch to the target customer group. Keeping in mind on who is your business is trying to reach out to, why will they come and what your customers want to do, we’ll create the perfect flyers and posters that will carry your business to the next level.

Business Card’s & Stationery

The Art of Professional Introduction, Expression and Greetings Reflected our Business Cards and Stationery Design

When designing business cards and stationery for you, we let our creative juices flow unrestricted. Aiming to make both professional and personalized impact in business stationery design, we’ve got various styles up our sleeve that you can choose. Opt for the one you think most befits your theme and if you like 2 or more styles we have no problem merging the various styles into your perfect professional and personalized business cards and stationery.