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Are you looking for a tool that would help you to create your favourite cartoon character in the simplest way possible?

Are you up for a tool that helps you to build an amazing mock-up design for your new project?

Are you in search of a tool that would help you to create stunning logos with ultimate ease?

Then I have no second thoughts to tell you that Gravit provides you all these and much more!

What is Gravit?

Gravit is a free design platform equipped with flexible tools that would help you to create graphics that suit your requirement. Following are the tools available@Gravit :

Screen design

Gravit-1Create trendy screen designs using this tool, which is not only simple but also effective. Use this tool to present the mock-up design of your project. This tool is equipped with 16 pre-designed canvas sizes and 14 ready to use designs. The smart exporter provides you a choice of exporting the design either in full or in parts. You can also choose the format and resolution of the design which you want to export.

To learn more visit : Screen Design

Vector Illustration


This tool comes with an intuitive pen tool which simplifies your design process. You can  make your work look vibrant with the live effects that are available in this tool. Bezigon tool helps you create accurate shapes of your desired character. Apart from these, there are many more additional features available in this tool.

To learn more visit: Vector Illustration

Logo and Branding

gravit-7Branding is an intrinsic part of any business. This tool helps you to create your own logos. The user-friendly interface coupled with amazing built-in features helps you to create and export your designs in the least time possible.

To learn more visit: Logo and Branding

Social Media Graphics

gravit-9 This tool will help you to make your stories or content more interesting. You can choose from the available templates or create your own graphics. Templates are available in several categories such as profile pictures, advertisements and much  more.

To learn more visit: Social Media Graphics

Print Media


Using this tool you can create the designs in specific sizes and print them in resolutions ranging from 300 dpi to 1200 dpi and more.

To learn more visit : Print media


gravit-11Sell your ideas by creating engaging presentations with this tool. You can edit the existing templates or create your own with the help of some of the best features and export them in SVG, PNG, JPG or PDF formats.

To know more visit : Presentation

Apart from all these features, this site comes loaded with over 29,000 icons, more than 1,000 stock photos, a curated list of Google web fonts and a marketplace with many quality assets created by members of the Gravit community. You can access Gravit from almost all the operating systems and modern gadgets. Tutorials are available to give you a better understanding of various features and their utility.

So make use of all these fantastic features and create splendid visuals for your work!

Images and text reference: Gravit


Add colours to your [email protected]


A perfect design is often accompanied by interesting and creative colour patterns. Be it a happy, sad or contemplative theme, colours definitely help you to enhance the effect of that theme. With the advent of the digital tools the selection, creation and presentation of the colour patterns has not only become easy but also interesting.

“Colours speak all languages”-Joseph Addison

But, it is often a challenging task to find tools that help us to pick the right colour combinations that suit our design requirement. If you are looking for an easy and effective tool that would help you to create your own colour palettes might just be the right place for you!

What all can you do @savemypalette?Capture

The user-friendly interface of savemypalette helps you to view, add and edit your colours with ultimate ease. You can protect your files by editing the URL ID and password. With proper authorization, anyone can view and edit your palette.


The inbuilt application user interface(API) helps you to export the colours in CSS, SCSS, Less, Sass, JSON, XML, and GPL (Gimp Palette) formats. You can either download them or just link them to the API. If you directly link to your palette the colours will change dynamically for you! A viewer option is also available to share and view your colours.


You can access all these features even without creating a registered account. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and add colours to your creativity!

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Who is the Net Ninja?

The Net Ninja is a front-end developer from the UK. He enjoys programming, travelling & playing odd musical instruments (as well as nunchucks :P).

He joined YouTube on 8th April 2015 and runs a channel by the name “The Net Ninja” with a count of 13,000 Subscribers at present ,with over 440,000 views on YouTube and nearly 140,000 views of his content on Google Plus. His content consists on tutorials where he explains and teaches his viewers on HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, JavaScript, Node, Angular and much more. He has a good growth rate of his channel as he is consistent at uploading his content.

Here are some of his Introductory Videos on JavaScript, Bootstrap and AngularJS :

Visit his YouTube Channel for more videos like this by clicking the link down below :

The Tech Ninja – Youtube

Visit the Official The Net Ninja website :

The Net Ninja Official Website

Follow him on Twitter :


Check him out at Google+ :

The Tech Ninja – Google+

[email protected]

GraphicmamaDive into the world of high-quality vector graphic illustrations: tons of cartoon characters, themed graphic packs, freebies & more at All the freebies are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported and are available in PNG, SVG, AI and EPS formats. While no attribution is required for modification, you are requested to mention the credits if you are planning to use these graphics for a commercial purpose.

Following are the freebie graphic packs currently available@

Business: The 24/7 Pack

Business pack

This is a pack of 20 graphics, depicting the dynamic lifestyle of business characters. Use these graphics in your project to show various day-to-day activities of business people.

Download link: Business pack

Colorful Patterns: Blast of Cuteness

Colorful patterns

This pack consists of 40 graphics. Add these artistic patterns which are inspired by candies, sweets, stars, beach, music and more to make your presentation look more vibrant!

Download link: Colorful patterns

Alex the Businessman


Meet the tactful and smart businessman Alex who would like to enhance your project with his distinctive style. Alex is available in various emotions, concepts, presentational poses, colors and with several other ad-on features like suits and beards.

Download link: Alex the businessman

Designer’s Desk: My Mini World

Designers desk

Design your own desk that suits your style with these 65 items; gadgets, food items, and stationery.

Download link: Designer’s desk

Retro Bicycles: A Vintage Ride

Vintage cycle

These classic looking bicycles to add a vintage flavor to the content of your project or design. 9 variants are available in this pack.

Download link: Retro Bicycles

Infographic Elements: Clear Vision

info graphics

This pack contains ready to use infographics which can be modified to suit the user’s need. Arrange your data in a more attractive way using these amazing infographics!

Download link: Infographic elements

Tri-Fold Brochure: Triple My Success

trifold brochure

Use this elegantly designed tri-fold brochure template of the size 11”x 8.5” to gain your customer’s attention! The brochure can be customized according to your specific use.

Download link: Tri-fold brochure

Business Card: First Impression

business card

This stylishly designed 3.5”x2.5” business card helps you to create a stunning first impression. You can personalize this card by placing text, logo and colors.

Download link : Business card

Wood Patterns: The Carpenter’s Workshop

wooden patterns

This pack contains a collection of vector wood patterns. Different kinds of wooden material-Pine, cherry, oak, horn beam and even more have been used to suit your needs.

Download link: Wooden pattern

Grass Backgrounds: Infinite Meadows

grass backgrounds

Add freshness to your project with this detailed vector grass backgrounds. 2 variants are available in this pack.

Download link: Grass backgrounds

 Moustaches: Twisted with Style


Add Manliness to your projects with these cool looking moustaches.  The other graphics in this pack include a couple of sharp scissors and cool moustache combs. Over 30 graphics are available in this collection.

Download link: Moustache

One more collection of seasons is also available, to know more about the seasons pack please visit

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Coldplay shows an upside down world in ‘Up and Up’

British rock band Coldplay released music video of ‘Up and Up’, the third single of their new album ‘A head full of dreams’ on 16 May 2016 on Youtube. So far the video has received 48 million views. Directed by two Israelis Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia, Up and Up is a visual splendor.

A turtle swimming in subway, a sponge turned into a lush green football field, popcorn popping out of a volcano, giant skyways, planets revolving on footways, miniature bridge on a puddle of water, skydivers diving into a bowl of pasta, giant butterflies and eagles, you can find all these and many more amazing visuals in this video.


The high-end visual effects technology used in this video leaves the viewer with a sense of wonder. Heymann and Muggia’s creativity coupled with some great lyrics and music helped the band to create this whimsical visual delight.

If we observe closely it looks like Up and Up is based on the concept of Mixed Reality; a blend of reality and virtual reality which helps to create the interaction between physical and digital objects. In fact, mixed reality can be viewed as a combination of reality, virtual reality, augmented reality and augmented virtuality.

coldplay_Up and Up

Companies like Microsoft (HoloLens) and Magic leap have already started to develop gadgets which would make mixed reality practically feasible.Though the cost of this technology is yet to be made affordable for all, the efforts that are being made in this direction are proving to be fruitful.  On the whole, this revolutionary video by Coldplay gives us a whole new perspective of how the world might look in near future.

Who said what?

“I think it’s one of the best videos people have made, I just saw it right now, and I was like, ‘I can’t believe that’s our video.’ If that were someone else’s video, I’d be so jealous.”-Chris Martin, lead vocalist of Coldplay

“A poignant surrealist montage which alludes to contemporary issues.”– Heymann and Muggia, Directors of Up and Up.

To watch the official video please Click on the following link:

Coldplay Up and Up(Official)